Tips on Teaching Zumba

The successful Zumba Gold Instructor has the ability to bridge the gap between science and application as it relates to the Zumba Gold participant.  Here are some tips that will enhance your teaching skills and make your class even better!


  1. Be a good role model and demonstrate proper form – The Zumba Gold participant will try to copy exactly what you do and the way you do it
  2. Coach proper exercise technique and alignment
  3. Know what is safe and effective as well as the risks vs. the benefits of your choreography
  4. Give exercise modifications when necessary
  5. Remind your class to breathe
  6. Slow progression is the key to success
  7. Speak clearly and slowly
  8. Speak respectively and with accuracy
  9. Balance sequences leading R and leading L
  10. Use your music
  11. Educate your students
  12. It’s show time! – Practice, practice, practice, practice.  Know your Zumba Gold choreography.  Commit to excellence and give 100% each and every class!



  1. Start and end classes on time – Most seniors like a routine.  They depend on the reliability of the starting and finishing time.  They like knowing what to expect
  2. Play some Zumba music at a low level to create the mood of the workout as the class participants enter the room
  3. Make sure you are available to your students before and after class
  4. Learn the names of your students and something personal about them
  5. Listen to your class members
  6. Look professional
  7. Remember that the workout is for your students and not for yourself
  8. Let each participant feel successful
  9. Be positive and believe in them
  10. Have a passion for what you do
  11. Be genuine and caring
  12. Make class fun – SMILE! – enjoy your students.  Create a community.

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