How to Zumba

Step 1:  Find a Zumba class in your area. Check exercise studios and community centers for Zumba classes and find a time that fits your schedule. If there aren’t any Zumba dance workouts available in your location, find a DVD of Zumba to use in your home.

Step 2:  Try different levels of Zumba exercise depending on your abilities and special needs. A Zumba class for beginners offers modified dance steps that are simple to execute. Zumba classes modified for plus-sized participants present dance movements that are easy on the joints.  There are also classes geared toward seniors so you can join the party at any age!

 Step 3:  Involve your children in a Zumba exercise program. Zumba classes geared toward children use popular music and dance steps that kids can perform with ease. Talk to your child’s doctor before you enroll her in a Zumba class.

Step 4:  Modify the Zumba dance moves to alter the intensity of the workout. Perform the steps at a slower pace to lower the intensity or pick up the tempo for a higher cardio workout.

Step 5:  Have fun!


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